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When it comes to household chores, I’m happy to admit that cleaning is not my most favourite activity. I know that sometimes it just needs to be done, but there’s plenty of other things I’d rather be doing, like meeting up with friends, or going out for dinner – instead of getting those cleaning cloths out! So when I was invited* to try out (a brand new online market place where busy people are connected with local and trusted cleaners) there was no way I was going to say no!

The service has recently launched in Bristol, and gives users the option of booking a cleaner for a one off clean for £12 per hour, or a fortnightly or weekly clean for £10 per hour.  On their website you can choose the date and time that you’d like your clean to take place, for a minimum of 3 hours. I really liked that there was a handy calculator on there too, where you could estimate the length of time you’d need for your clean, based on the size of your house and tasks that you would like to be carried out (such as an oven clean or fridge clean for example) – great for newbies like me who have never had a cleaner before!

I booked my clean for a Wednesday evening at 5pm, which meant I’d have the perfect opportunity to visit flour & ash, somewhere I had wanted to try out for ages, but had never found the time. The cleaner arrived with all of their own cleaning materials, and once I’d shown them around and discussed the areas I thought should be given the once over, I went out for dinner – safe in the knowledge that my house would be positively sparkling when I returned!

flour & ash


flour & ash opened its first restaurant in Bristol in 2014, and has received great reviews ever since, even winning Best Pizza in Bristol at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2015. Renowned for its wood-fired pizza and ice cream, it opened its second restaurant in Westbury on Trym earlier this year, which is where I headed to on Wednesday night.

2016-06-08 20.34.30

When we arrived at the restaurant, I was surprised to see that it was already quite busy, despite the fact that it was only just 6pm. We were shown to our table by a friendly waitress, who then gave us the low down of the menu which consists of several different pizza varieties (both with and without tomato sauce), a couple of starters, some side dishes and ice creams and sorbets for dessert.


We started by ordering drinks – a bottle of Sandford Orchards cider for me and a can of Korev Cornish lager for my boyfriend, which we thought would be the perfect choices to wash our pizzas down with.  For the main event we went for the Italian Cooked Ham and Prosciutto Di San Danielle pizzas, guaranteed to satisfy our carnivorous cravings, accompanied by the very summery-sounding Courgette Slaw.


Given the pizzas are cooked in under 90 seconds, we didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive at our table – and I can safely say that mine was one of the best pizzas I’ve had, even compared to ones I ate in Italy in 2011.

Almost too big to fit on the plates, the pizzas had a perfectly cooked sour dough crust, and the toppings were really fresh and tasty – you could tell that the quality of the ingredients was really high and I’d happily order one over a Domino’s any day! Despite their size, I found my pizza to be surprisingly light, not heavy or overly doughy as can sometimes be the case – delicious!


Although it probably wasn’t needed given how good the pizzas were, I was glad we ordered the Courgette Slaw side – I thought the saltiness of the feta and the hit of chilli worked really well, and it was a nice twist on the usual side salad.

After leaving our plates clean and feeling too full to sample dessert (although I will definitely find room next time – flour & ash, we will be back!) we finished our drinks and headed home to see how our cleaner had been getting on.  In the three hours since they’d started, they’d vacuumed the whole house, cleaned both our bathrooms and bedrooms, wiped the surfaces in our kitchen and mopped the floor – I was impressed! For £36, I thought the price was a bargain for the high standard of work that was carried out, and’s website is really easy to use too – definitely recommended if like me, you’d rather go out for dinner than put your marigolds on!

Have you used before or visited flour & ash? I’d love to know what you thought! Let me know by commenting below.

*Although I was invited to try for the purpose of a review, the words, thoughts and opinions stated here are all my own.


One comment

  1. Raiyan · November 14, 2017

    Thought I should do something about this.
    1. A year or so ago, I left a gold longines watch (lent to me by my dad) in my parent’s bedroom, in our flat in Marylebone, since my father would be arriving in London in a few days and he would find it there then.
    2. When I went back one day to that room, after the cleaner (sent from had left, I couldn’t find the watch. Only the cleaner had been to that room. No one else has come to my flat recently.
    3. I reported it to the, and they asked me to report it to the police.
    4. I reported it to the police, who came to my place twice to ask questions etc. My dad was here then too, and we showed them pictures of my dad wearing the watch, etc.
    5. Anyway, after a lot of days, calls etc, the cleaner came to the police station, and she said (obviously) that she hadn’t taken the watch.
    6. The police also said that there was no criminal record of the cleaner, in their records.
    7. In the end, because of the above, the police said that the case had come to an end.
    8. I asked for compensation for my stolen watch due by their cleaner, from insurance, which they said that they have, but the weird thing is, they want a receipt! They said that on producing the receipt, they would give 75%, and 25% would need to be given by me for the theft of a product done by their cleaner.
    9. mentioned that they had done a check for the cleaner, but no police check had been done for the cleaner.
    10. I think it’s a bit ridiculous for them to expect people to keep receipts for everything they buy; what would they do if family heirlooms would be stolen by their cleaners. We shouldn’t have to produce a receipt for a theft, which has happened due to their cleaner.
    11. Horrible service, and have stopped using them. At least hopefully otherwise should be aware of’s substandard service.


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