Burgers, hot dogs and ribs at Grillstock 2017

There’s one particular thing about the summer that I look forward to each year, and that’s the start of BBQ season – there’s nothing quite like stuffing your face with meat that’s been cooked on a grill is there? 

Luckily for me, Bristol is home to the Grillstock festival, a two day annual celebration of all things meat, music and mayhem. Until now, I’d never been to the festival before (it had always been sold out by the time I got round to buying tickets) but this year I was kindly invited to go along by the team at French’s and Frank’s – two of America’s favourite brands, known for their distinctive yellow mustard and hot sauce. So on Sunday, with my stomach rumbling, I headed to the festival site in Millenium Square, ready to get a serious case of the meat sweats!

To start off, my boyfriend and I headed to the French’s stand to sample two of their hot dog offerings – one served with onions and gerkins and the other with the addition of pulled pork and slaw. Of course, each was finished with a generous drizzle of the brand’s iconic mustard, which provided a cheeky bit of heat – delicious!

After we’d demolished the hot dogs, we decided to check out the main stage, where a French’s sponsored hot dog eating contest was about to start – it was certainly a sight to behold and I couldn’t believe how quickly some people can eat that many hot dogs!

With our stomachs starting to feel empty again, after the eating contest had finished we decided to head back to the food stands to see what other tasty treats took our fancy. My boyfriend opted for some baby back ribs, smothered in a sticky BBQ sauce – he certainly seemed to enjoy picking each one clean! 

I decided to go for a cheeseburger from the DJ BBQ stand – the music and smell from their spit beef certainly drew my attention.

The cheeseburger was delicious and perfectly juicy – it made me very happy!

Next up, with the sun shining down we decided to sit in the Lloyds Amphitheatre area and enjoy one of the festival’s musical highlights (Goldie Lookin Chain) while partaking in a can of Orchard Pig Cider and Budweiser. 

The rappers from South Wales certainly got the crowd going, and it was surprising to see how many people knew the words to their biggest hits which made the charts 13 years ago (who feels old now?!)

I really enjoyed my first Grillstock experience, and it’s safe to say that my French’s hot dog was a particular highlight – I can’t wait for next year already!

Did you visit Grillstock last weekend too? I’d love know what you thought, so why not leave a comment below?


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